Atmosphere Interior Design is an award winning firm, recognized across North America through its work regularly published in Canadian design publications and North American design websites.

Atmosphere is suitably named because principal designers Trevor Ciona and Curtis Elmy live and breathe design and thrive within an atmosphere of creation and collaboration that their work brings them into contact with. For them interior design is about the transformative process that takes a room from being a space to live in, to one that enlivens you. Since 2004 this duo has been trailblazing the aesthetics of style and design in Saskatoon, SK. Their 14+ years has been marked by national recognition in design magazines (Style at Home, House and Home, Western Living), national awards, and an ever expanding roster of clients - both commercial and residential. As principal designers, Trevor and Curtis long to create spaces that are current and modern, with nods to classic and timeless details, producing an aesthetic for which Atmosphere has become famous.

Curtis Elmy & Trevor Ciona

Client Appreciation

  • "Striking design work, full of fashion, texture and fabulous layering of detail" Paul Lavoie | Canadian Leading Designer
  • "There was no other design firm I trusted to deliver our kitchen, master bedroom and ensuite of our dreams. With Curtis and Trevor, I was very much part of the creative process, they listened and over-delivered in the most unexpected and creative way." Kathy Donnelly
  • "I knew within minutes of my first meeting with Curtis and Trevor that they completely understood the vision we had for our new home.  Ten years later, I am still completely in love with the timeless space we created together. I always have complete confidence that this amazing duo will help me choose pieces and create the perfect space for our family." Jordana Jacobson 
  • "Hiring Trevor and Curtis of AID was one of the finest and most rewarding gifts I have ever given myself. I have always been a homebody, and now staying home is even more enjoyable surrounded by beauty, style and comfort. They truly take your vision, or lack thereof to the ultimate and unimaginable next level! I am so grateful to them for their natural talent of creating such gorgeous spaces and homes and in my experience, completely aligned with the client." Melissa Hewison
  • “We were excited to work with Curtis and Trevor, and for good reason. Your ideas, great taste, and attention to detail created our new space into exactly how our firm wants to be presented - a professional, committed and quality firm offering a comfortable, welcoming feel for our clients as well as our staff.
    Thank you Curtis and Trevor for the countless hours in your search, your dedication to learning about who we are reflects in our design. I can assure that your service made life much easier! There is never a hesitation in letting anyone know who the design masterminds were. You did a wonderful job and I hope we can work together again in the future.”
    Sandra Luchsinger (Scharfstein + Company LLP)
  • “Saskatoon’s Kings of Style” Style at Home Magazine
  • “Bold and beautiful, swiftly changing the city’s design landscape” Western Living Magazine
  • “Their glam penthouse marks Saskatoon’s emergence as a design destination. The couple are challenging stereotypes with their Luxe Condo, proving that sumptuous, glam style is right at home in Saskatchewan.” House and Home Magazine


Design is a collaborative process, and every project needs a village in order to bring it into fruition.

Atmosphere Interior Design is one of the the more influential and well-known interior design businesses in Western Canada. Our team strives to not only provide exceptional design, but to also serve our customers and clients, and as a resource for the broader design community. Everyone at Atmosphere believes in making the world a more beautiful place - through the support of our clients (who become like family), through our contacts in the design community, and through the operation of the design showroom, we make that happen.

The Atmosphere Team
The Atmosphere Interior Design Canada Team